Diamond Pendant 2
Diamond Pendant 2

Diamond Pendant 2

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Each Pendant is stamped out by hand one at a time, with a loop of sturdy high temp wire inserted into the rich red-brown stoneware clay. Pendants are then individually glazed in our signature layered glaze patterns, and strung on a 4' length of sturdy genuine leather suede lace. 

Suede lace cording is tied with a simple knot at the top which can be undone and retied to your desired length. 

Diamond Pendants approximately 3.5" long x 2.5" wide 

The Gifts of Imperfection:

When purchasing artisan handmade products it is understood there is a gift of human imperfection and character present in every item--character and soul that is absent from mass produced machine made homewares. Everything from the weather, to the temperature of the clay, to my mood the day I am working has an effect on your handmade items. Some items are glazed a little more heavily from one batch to the next. Some handles come out a little lighter while others come out more robust. These are all characteristics of artisan made products crafted with human hands and soul. Slight variations in shape, size, glaze application are to be expected and cherished for their very personal and human touch.