Courage Goods Pottery - Use and Care Instructions

Courage Goods is intended for making the everyday experience of home and kitchen a celebration. My products are meant to be used, held, enjoyed and experienced on a daily basis. Here’s a quick guide on getting the most enjoyment out of your new everyday pottery.  

All pottery from Courage Goods is handmade from sturdy stoneware and fired to a final temperature of 2160 degrees f.

For Kitchenware:

Your wares are watertight, and intended for both hot and cold use; for hot beverages or soups, or items coming out of the oven or microwave, the surface will be hot to the touch so please handle with care.The soft curvature of my mugs and cups will keep your hands warm on chilly nights.

All Courage Goods Pottery is dishwasher, oven and microwave safe. I use my own products in my home and they go through the dishwasher almost every day. Again, for items coming out of the oven or microwave hot, the surface will be hot to the touch so please handle with care.

The only thing you want to avoid with handmade pottery is taking items directly from the freezer and putting directly into the oven. If you have chosen to freeze something in a piece of my pottery and want to warm it in the oven, please give the pottery some time to come to room temperature before placing in a hot oven.

Please also avoid placing any pottery over an open flame or directly over a heating element (cook top, burner, etc).

For Use with Plants: 

Two-piece planter saucers will have a drainage hole in the bottom of the planter with the saucer intended to collect excess water. You may plant your plant buddy directly into the pot if you choose. For planters without drainage holes, I have sized these pots to comfortably fit the plastic container the plant came home in, so you have the option of simply placing the plant in his container inside the pot. You may possibly be able to plant these directly in the pot but I suggest consulting your closest plant lady friend to ask her advice on how best to care for your plant. If you are local to MA, I highly recommend MaryAnn from Plants and Ponytails in Hingham, Ma for all your plant buying and caring-for needs.

With proper care your handmade stoneware should last you a lifetime. If you have any trouble or questions please don’t hesitate to give me a shout at

Once again thank you so much for shopping with care and intention, and choosing to bring handmade artisan wares into your home.