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I’m Abby: a lifelong artist working and living in the rugged little hillside town of Duluth, Minnesota. I work in wheel thrown stoneware clay and delight in making functional goods that elevate your everyday experience of kitchen and living. Good food and good drink are my great joys in life, and my pottery is intended to bring a little more joy and coziness to your home.

I share lots of insights into my work and home life over on my Instagram, so pop on over there if you want to see a little deeper into how things work around here. But if you want a few quick fun facts for now….

I work out of a 500 square foot studio in the HART district of downtown Duluth!

This is quite the upgrade from my previous 8’ square corner of a damp old basement in Salem, Massachusetts! I lived in the Boston area for 15 years as a professional wedding photographer before taking my first pottery class in 2017.

In February 2020, I said goodbye to Boston after 15 years and moved back to the Midwest, settling in Duluth.

For all your clay nerds: I fire to Cone 6!

I’m inspired by the rugged beauty of Northern Minnesota and feel a little more connected and grounded to our world with the earthy tones and textures of my clay work and glaze.

When I’m not at the studio, I’m likely drinking a Vikre Cedar Gin and Tonic in my camp chair next to the fire in my backyard.

I’m a Real Housewives fantatic. Luann is my number one. I named my kiln after her.

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I sell my pottery directly to you, through my website, through regular website restocks--usually every 2-3 weeks. I keep you updated on all of those dates and upcoming restocks on Instagram so be sure to follow to stay up to date!

I ship my pottery anywhere in the US including Alaska and Hawaii and am set up to ship to Canada, UK, Ireland, Norway, Germany, Finland, Australia, New Zealand and a few other far away lands. If you want to make sure I ship to you feel free to email or DM to check!